Homemade Biodiesel

There's a saying that "there's a child in all of us." In the world of science, it's said there's "a mad scientist in all of us." This is especially true for those of us making homemade biodiesel fuel.

From time to time people would like to experiment on new things, especially if the experiment is something like cooking your very own gasoline that will help you save thousands of dollars. It may sound ridiculous but it is really possible to make homemade biodiesel fuel. A lot of individuals have already tried this and have reported significant increase in savings and yes, even gas mileage.

History Of Biofuel

Biodiesel fuel is not a new product or development. It has been around for decades, and yet it has not been commercialized in a global scale. Now, it is considered one of the best alternatives in fuels. However, only a few people invested in remodeling or modifying their cars and trucks before, so a lot of alternative fuels never became popular. Now, it has become a necessity to have biodiesel fuel because it is cheap. It is also something that everyone can use without modifying their cars. It is a non-toxic substance and it is also biodegradable, which means it is not harmful to the environment at all.

Ingredients In Homemade Biodiesel Fuel

There are three main ingredients for the preparation of the biodiesel fuel. The first one is alcohol. Next is the lye and vegetable oil. If the alcohol is mixed with lye, this will produce sodium methoxide, which will result to biodiesel fuel if combined with vegetable oil.

This combination of materials should be mixed thoroughly to have an even distribution. Then it should stand for at least hours to cool. It is in this settling time that the mixture will be separated into two sections. These are called biodiesel and glycerin. The glycerin may be used to make soap while the biodiesel is the actual fuel. Once these two are segregated, you can now use the biodiesel fuel on your car and the glycerin on your body—once it has been turned to soap.

Biodiesel fuel has some great advantages. It is very environmental friendly because it is a lot cleaner than many other fuels available in the market. This has also passed the 1990 Clean air Act requirements so it is legal to use. This means that this is legally accepted fuel because it has attained the standards of environmental protection agencies. Pretty much, you will not regret creating and using homemade biodiesel fuel. This is always a win-win choice for you and for the environment.