Biodiesel Recipe

The process of making biodiesel fuel entails a lot of risks and there are some things that need to be understood from the very beginning.

A biodiesel recipe is comprised of chemicals that can cause burns so it is not really recommended to brew homemade biodiesel fuel without the supervision of an expert. All precautions must be taken, like wearing goggles, suits, and protective gloves.

Although it is pretty much simple to create biodiesel fuel at home, the hazards associated are great and it should be noted that every ingredient must be followed religiously and mixed as per instructions.

Making The Biodiesel

The recipe for the production of biodiesel is actually quite simple, though you have to be wary because there is still a bit of danger involved in the process. The recipe below is just for discussion’s sake. Should you decide to prepare this at home, always exercise extreme caution. Wear protective gear, such as protective gloves that are chemical-proof, apron, goggles, and a dust mask, since poisonous vapors just might be emitted.

It has been said that vegetable oil is not ideal for car engines. This is because vegetable oils are thick and here are certain processes involved to strip the glycerin content from the vegetable molecules. Below you will see ingredients only for unused oil. Please take note that you should not use vegetable that is already used, especially if you are a beginner in this process. There are different chemical reactions to this that may cause more damage than benefit.

For one liter of biodiesel fuel, there are only a few things that a person will need. This includes one liter of vegetable oil, 200 mm of methanol, and 5 grams of sodium hydroxide. It should be noted that the methanol should be about 95% pure.

The process in creating a biodiesel fuel is to simply dissolve the sodium hydroxide by mixing it into the methanol solution. This combination will make sodium methoxide. This should not be mixed in a plastic bottle or container because the methanol will burn it. What should be used is a glass container. Next step is to mix the sodium hydroxide and shake it for about 10 minutes. Add to this the vegetable oil and add the methoxide. Shake the bottle very well for about 30 seconds. About after a few hours, the glycerin can be found at the bottom and the biodiesel fuel found on top. With this biodiesel recipe, you can use the biodiesel fuel and then use the glycerine to make soaps.