Biodiesel Production At Home

Traditional petroleum is expensive and there is no doubt about it. Few people know that biodiesel production at home is possible and that it's a great way to saving money on fuel costs.

Production of biodiesel fuel at home can also mean business opportunities, and this is also equated with recycling since it is biodiesel is made of vegetable oil that has already been used for cooking. This kind of fuel — biodiesel fuel — can be used in any kind of diesel engine without the need of modification or engine alteration. Biodiesel fuel is clean when it burns. It does not pose a threat to the environment unlike common petroleum based fuel, which harms the environment.

Steps To Creating Buidiesel Fuel

There are only four simple steps in creating biodiesel fuel. Sounds unbelievable? It may but it is true. This can be created by using biodiesel fuel kits. The first step is to make sodium monoxide. This should then be mixed with the vegetable oil and the by-product should then be segregated. The fuel that you will get separated from the glycerol or glycerin is ready to use.

Unknown to many, this process of converting vegetable oil into biodiesel fuel is called transesterification. Big businesses in the fuel industry do this in large scale with expensive equipment. Medium to small size businesses usually do this at home in the garage. The process is so simple that it does not really take any special knowledge to do it. The only risk associated with it is the possibility of getting burned by hot oil if one is not careful. As long as one is careful enough, then safety is no longer an issue.

Biofuel Ingredients

There are only a few ingredients needed to produce biodiesel fuel. These are lye, vegetable oil, and alcohol. These three are mixed and this will produce a compound. If lye is mixed with alcohol, this will produce sodium menoxide, which, when mixed with vegetable oil, will produce another compound that is a combination of biodiesel fuel and glycerin. The glycerin may be used to produce soap while the biodiesel fuel can be used as it is.