Algae Biodiesel

Yes, there is indeed such a thing as algae biodiesel. If there is one interesting thing that you should know about algae is that it can actually be an excellent source of biodiesel.

If you would take a look at the many research studies on biodiesel that have brought about significant results, you would see for your own self how algae comes up as the highest yield when it comes to feedstock for biodiesel. The amount of oil that algae can produce, when compared to soybeans, is actually 250 times more. If you think about it, with these stats and figures, the production of biodiesel via algae just might be the only efficient way to produce substantial amount of biodiesel to place of our current fuel usage.

Algae Biodiesel Production

Algae have the ability to produce roughly 5,000 to 20,000 gallons of oil. The second alternative on this very short list is palm oil, which can produce just 635 gallons. The odds here reach 7 times more! And if that is not enough, the process of oil extraction from algae is actually easier as well!

However, not everything about algae is easy. This is because finding just the right algae type for the extraction of biodiesel can be very difficult. You have to look for the type of algae with lipid content that is high and a growth rate that is fast. Interestingly, open ponds are not really the best source for finding this particular type of algae. And if you want the best type of algae for your biodiesel, then you would want to go with microalgae. Microalgae are actually capable of photosynthesis � that is as long as the diameter here. Much like seaweed, microalgae is not really widely used for producing biodiesel. But biologically speaking, microalgae definitely have more oil when compared to macroalgae. It is also easier to grow since it grows a lot faster as well. As for structure, microalgae�s is definitely less complicated.

Making Biodiesel With Microalgae

There are many companies investing in research studies on microalgae, and one of these is Green Star Products. Back in 2006, Green Star Products had entered an agreement for the creation of 90 biodiesel reactors using just algae. All of these reactors are specially designed to produce 10 million gallons of biodiesel in a single year. This is equal to more than 900 million gallons of biodiesel fuel. Putting this figure in a broader perspective, this is actually four times more than the output of the whole USA in the same year 2006. The project is still underway, so the success of the project remains to be seen. So far, this particular project on algae biodiesel is certainly quite promising in terms of results.